Friday, October 17, 2014

How to find out if your Mac is compatible with Handoff OS X Yosemite

There are a lots of cool features in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. One of the most anticipated is Handoff, which enables you to pick up where you left off in an email, a document and other work between iOS and OS X devices. Handoff is relying on short-range Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity If your Mac is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, LMP Version will say 0x6.

To determine your Mac's Bluetooth version
  • Go to Apple menu
  • Click About This Mac
  • Click on the System Report
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Find "LMP Version."
LMP Version should say 0x6. Anything lower than that is an older version of Bluetooth.

You can also access this information with a terminal command. 

Open up a terminal and type:

system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType | grep LMP

The Bluetooth 4.0 requirement would make the following Mac models Handoff-compatible: the mid-2011 MacBook Air, mid-2012 MacBook Pro, late-2012 iMac, mid-2011 Mac mini and late-2013 Mac Pro and above.