Monday, July 1, 2013

Facebook Android app caught harvesting users contacts

Facebook, the top-ranking free app in Google Play, has taken advantage of Android's weak platform security to collect users phone numbers as soon as the app is installed, highlighting core differences in apple's approach to protecting users' privacy and those of social-advertising firms like Facebook and Google.

The news of Facebook's latest "leak" was outed by Symantec after it analyzed various Android apps using its Norton Mobile Insight tool designed to "discover malicious applications, privacy risks, and potentially intrusive behavior."

Symantec didn't need to dig deep into Google Play to find pay dirt, but its researchers still noted that it "even surprised us when we reviewed the most popular applications exhibiting privacy leaks."

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Apple Filed for an 'iWatch' Trademark in Japan

'iWatch' is one of the possible names for the long-rumored Apple wristwatch that has generated increasing buzz over the past year. 
Photo of the Pebble watch

Bloomberg reports that Apple has filed for a trademark for the term 'iWatch' in Japan:
The maker of iPhones is seeking protection for the name which is categorized as being for products including a handheld computer or watch device, according to a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office that was made public last week.

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How to sign out of the new Skype 4.0 for Android

Skype has done fine work with its new Version 4.0 on Android, bringing about some badly needed performance improvements as well as a redesign. But in doing so, it's buried the sign-out button, as well as the settings — two things that absolutely need to be in the top level of the user interface.
Here's how to get to them:

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